Do you want to join „Free community VAP“?

Do you want to join „Free community VAP“?

If you’refancy to help with spreading of ideals of freedom, equality, social,environmental and emancipatory fight, join us.

There is alarge scale of possibilities and levels of cooperation and there is a largescale of issues, which we we are focusing for. Issues and topics of ouractivities are determined mainly by activists themselves, reflecting not onlyrecent situation but they are also part of long-term strategies, settled amongall member colectives, groups and individuals.

Crucialelement of our work is so called „free community“. Everybody, who join orsupport us in our activities, is considered as a member of community, both fromindividual and collective perspective. By this membership, there are no otheror further obligations or duties, membership only allows, depending od deepnessof cooperation, to be part of decision-making process within free community.

Communicationbetween local „crews“ is maintained by „contact points“. These contact pointsare designated individual activists and/or secured electronic communication.


Essentialelement of free community is openess to everybody who is willing to work onspreding and propagation of ideas close to our mind. It doesn’t matter if oneis a manager in bank, student of economy or policeman. To enable cooperation tothose who don’t want open cooperation, we have also several anonymouscontributors and contact points. Recently, crucial focus of our activism iswork with information. Its gathering and latter use to uncover substances ofpolitical-economical system. Whole activity is on confidential level and thereis no place to share details. For this spectrum of contacts is anonomyouscooperation the best. We are able to secure identities on comparatively highlevel.


Due toinformal organizational structure, many our activists are simultaneouslymembers to other groups and collectives. It facilitate and simplifiescommunication and information exchange across anarchist movement. Because ofhigh security standards and procedures, we do not centralize contacts andinformation on one place and maintaining commucation and contacts is mostlyupon local crews. Those individuals or groups who are linked to other personsin their neighborhood who participate both directly and indirectly on ouractivities, are considered as crew. Information exchange, recruitment and linksto other entities is in full responsibility of activists maintaining contactpoint.


Our desireand long-term goal are to provide flexible environemnt and community reflectingneeds of activists themselves as well as background and other development. Ifyou’re fancy to join us, you certainly will find any activity which would suityou. Form of communication with the rest of community would be settled to suityou as well as to reflect level of your commitment to „confidential“ activitiesand to minimize security threats and risks.


Do nothesitate to contact us. Both your ideas and hands are necessary to support theidea.


Free community VAP

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